Letter from Chris to Francis

Dear Friends, I just received this lovely letter from a seminary student who volunteered at Holy Cross from May through August. It made my heart smile and I wanted to share it with each of you!

Blessings, Francis

Hi Francis,
I know I speak for every volunteer that spends time at Holy Cross when I say that the impact of the school is far wider than just your little corner of the world. You have changed a lot of lives for the better, including my own, and I pray every day that the school continues to flourish in spite of its financial difficulties.

I received your letter in the mail regarding the filing cabinet and it really was my pleasure to make that contribution to the school. I wish I could do more from here, but at this point my own finances are exceedingly tight. I am looking for a job, and once I find one I fully intend to send a chunk of my first pay check your way.

I haven't been able to stop talking about my summer. I think my roommates are getting sick and tired of hearing me "You Betta Belize It!!" every opportunity I get.

Thanks again for all of your work.



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