First Confirmation Class

Holy Cross Anglican School was honored by a visit from the Rt. Rev. Philip Wright on Sunday, May 29th. Bishop Wright was here to administer the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist. The service was held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium at San Pedro High School. Eleven children were Baptized and nine students were Confirmed and made their First Communion. Those Confirmed were Isolene Bailey, Jovanni Campos, Kaira Chan, Reyna Chavez, Venancia Choc, Celia Edwards, Helen Palacio, Alba Trejo and Tamika Castro who left before the pictures were taken.

Holy Cross Anglican School rejoices with the eleven children who were Baptized and their families. We are also extremely proud of the students in our first Confirmation class. The Confirmands were prepared to receive the Sacrament by School Principal, Mrs. Grace Williams and Deacon Jan Lamb from St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham, NC who has been volunteering at the School since January 2010.

Bishop Wright presented copies of the New Testament to each family who had a child Baptized. In addition he gave Study Bibles and wooden Crosses to each student who was Confirmed. Many thanks to the staff members who prepared the auditorium for the service and everyone who made this such a special day!

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Volunteering at Holy Cross

Here is a bit of email correspondence from Miss Francis about helping someone volunteer at Holy Cross School.

Hi Ladies, We would love to have Ellie volunteer here at Holy Cross!!! There are so many things she could do - working in the classrooms, helping out in the library, tutoring , arts and crafts programs, music - she could design her own schedule!! Probably the best way for her to get started is to visit the school web site at: There is tons of information about the school and the logistics of volunteering. Once she and her folks have read over the material, please have her get in touch and we'll start planning (with God's help!) her blessed adventure!!

In addition, all of the wonderful Holy Cross videos are on now on YouTube - links are below. Please watch them, especially Gigi Harris' video - she is only 9 years old!! And, please share with all your friends. Blessings, francis

Corporate Matching Donation Program

Dear Friends, I am very excited about the following Corporate Matching Donation Program!! Please, please, please read and respond to this incredible opportunity. The children of Holy Cross are counting on YOU!! Many thanks and blessings, Francis

Holy Cross Education Foundation

Summer 2010 Corporate Donation Matching Program

Amount designated for Corporate Match - $15,000.00 USD

Program – The matching program will give an equal amount of a donation that is identified by the donor as a "Matching Donation" up to $15,000.00.

Purpose - Raise $30,000 to sustain Holy Cross Anglican School

Term - The program is for donations made between May 10, 2010 and September 30, 2010

How it works - Any donation sent to the Holy Cross Education Foundation by credit card or check that is identified by the donor as a “Summer 2010 Match Donation”will enable the Foundation to receive an equal amount from the Corporate Match program. All money will be given to Holy Cross to cover the school’s operating and construction expenses.

Donors to the Corporate Match Program - Two Minnesota based corporations who have asked to remain anonymous. They have requested anonymity as they want to avoid being solicited by other groups.

The children of Holy Cross Anglican School are counting on YOU to ensure that their Feeding Program continues! PLEASE make a donation NOW while your dollars will be doubled - wow!!! Holy Cross needs every penny of that potential $30,000 to remain the state-of-the art educational facility you helped to create. Without your support, we cannot be supportive of our children who are hungry, in need of uniforms, shoes, school supplies or sick. Please don't let us down. Tax deductible contributions can be sent to:

Holy Cross Education Foundation
7550 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Contact the Chair of the Foundation Board: Brian Ostenso at bostenso@aol[dot]com
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