2 days before school Starts

Today Paul and I brought Bonnie to the school today so she could get a feel for what it is like and see how she would like to get involved. She is new to the Island and was looking to get busy doing something, I think the school will be able to keep her as busy as she would like to be.

Lots of hustle and bustle going on there getting ready for Tuesday. Paul got put to work painting right away, while I helped show Bonnie around and took pictures. We met Cindy and Dick who are here for a 3 month stay volunteering they are very nice.

Dick hanging signs

New signs

New signs

New teacher

Lots to do before tuesday

Uniforms are in what is to become the dental clinic

Dick and Cindy - they are here for a 3 month volunteer stay

Paul and Rich painting the outside of the cafeteria addition

Lots of work to do still

Colorful new signs in all the classrooms

Teachers put a lot of work into decorating

Class room lists are up

Colorful signs to welcome the kids to a new school year

Social studies signs are up

Holy Cross Anglican School is growing so fast

Getting exhaust ducts up to the kitchen roof

Bobcat always comes in handy

Lots of work to be done

Teacher made name tags for all the kids and put them in chairs

Parachutes are going up in honor of Rich Grimm and the skydivers

Local mom came to help Rosalie and Cindy Paint


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