2012 Scholarship Drive

8th grade students studying hard
Welcome to our 2012 High School Scholarship Appeal. 

A child without education is destined for a lifetime of uncertain employment, often working long days for minimum or less than minimum wage. Donating towards a high school scholarship gives kids a shot at a much brighter future. And that future is not just for them - sometimes a single family member with a decent job is what it takes to pull that whole family out of the poverty trap.

Right now we're looking for individuals, groups, clubs and churches to get together, raise funds and donate a full or partial scholarship for one or more of our thirty-five 8th graders (Standard VI) who will graduate in June.

Scholarships include tuition, school fees, 2 uniforms, books and exam fees. At the time of printing, the full cost of a scholarship (in $US) is:
  •  Form 1 (First year high school) $750
  •  Form 2: $850
  •  Form 3: $1,000
  •   Form 4: $1,200
This can either be paid in full by August, 2012 or in installments due in August, November and March, 2013.

Preparing for exams
As a scholarship donor, you will receive a photo of the scholarship recipient, copies of school report cards and emails from the student. You are also encouraged to write to them regularly.

As a scholarship recipient, the students will be expected to maintain good attendance, correspond at least once a term and 1st Form students must attend ongoing computer classes in the Holy Cross Computer Lab. 

If providing a full scholarship seems daunting, then please do consider offering a partial scholarship.  We can then pair you with another donor offering a partial scholarship and you can sponsor a high school student together.

For all of those already offering a scholarship I’d like to thank you very much for making this chance possible for our graduating students. Committing to education is not a quick or easy thing to do, but it is one of the things that can truly change a life.  Please do email Linda Carter at lindabelize@gmail.com to confirm whether you can continue your scholarship for the coming year.

For those considering offering a scholarship I’d like to challenge you to do so. It really will change a life. Please do email Linda Carter at lindabelize@gmail.com to say you’re interested in providing a scholarship and receive information on the children looking for sponsors.

And to everyone, thank you all for your ongoing support of our school here in Belize.  Without you we wouldn’t even be in a position to be offering this life changing opportunity.

Thank you to all who made our school possible and our futures bright

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