First day of School 2007

First day of school and what a busy day it was, Vernon said that one parent had told him their child was so excited they were woken up at 5 am. Miss Linda was so busy in the office that she did not even have time to make a pot of coffee.

The new classrooms are full and students are still trying to register and being put on a waiting list. As it stands there are 480 kids right now.

All students need to be tested to make sure they are in the right classes then the school can get a better idea if how many kids for each class and grade and address the waiting list.


Students in class

Special Ed Class


Special Ed

Special Ed

Miss Linda getting getting a new girl all set for school

New Uniform

Nurse Glenda atthe office with a child who just came back from the Poly Clinic

Getting fitted for running shoes

Snack time

Snack time

Morning Break

Students enjoying watermelon

Lined up to go to break

Mornign Break

Backto School - Clasrooms are full

Students on break

Cindy handing out morning fruit snacks

Break time

Nurse Glenda with one of the Special Ed kids

Getting ready for lunch

Miss Sharom ringing school bell - back to class


Special ed classroom

Posing for a picture

Special ed kids with one of their teachers

Happy to be back in class

Denvan's mom helping him eating his lunch

Special ed room got served first

Serving lunch

Destiny and her Teacher


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