Holy Cross Goes 'State-of-the-Art'

Dear Friends, Belize recently joined most of the world in observing Earth Day #40. Guess I'm really getting old since I remember Earth Day #1 - smile. Of course, the students and staff at Holy Cross were engaged in many Earth friendly activities which included a community clean-up, preparing educational posters, planting trees and becoming more aware of the fragile home we all share. (please see the attached photos)

And what better time to highlight the construction progress being made on our very green, environmentally sound, ecologically beneficial bathroom facility! Please take a moment to read the following article which recently appeared in Ambergris Today. We continue to be grateful to the Episcopal Church Women for their generous grant and to the volunteer teams for their hard work.

Holy Cross is very proud of the wonderful things happening at the school and in the neighborhood of San Mateo. With your help and support we will continue to improve and be able to offer a sound education, feeding program, dental care, school supplies, tennis shoes and tons of love to many disadvantaged children in San Pedro. Please celebrate Spring and another Earth Day by sending your contribution to: Holy Cross Anglican School; San Pedro Town; Ambergris Caye, Belize. Many thanks and blessings! Francis

Holy Cross Goes "State-of-the-Art' With a little help from our friends.

The Holy Cross Anglican School is building a state of the art composting toilet system and water garden. The equipment room of this system will be incorporating the most advanced state of the arts Green building system in the world. The SABS building system is 100% recyclable and the finished product produces a category 5 hurricane resistant building, it is also earthquake resistant and water proof.

Richard Hess and Marcel Goneau, of Goneau-Hess Architectural design and construction here in San Pedro, have donated their time and expertise to make this happen for the school. They have also allowed the school to purchase all the materials to build this building at their cost.

This system is less expensive and quicker to build than a concrete building of the same size, which makes it very affordable. All future construction at Holy Cross Anglican School will be done using the SABS eco-friendly building system. For further information on this system please call Richard or Marcel at 667-7083.

Along with the actual building and the Aquatron Composting Toilet System, we are going to be building a state of the art water garden using UV lights to kill all bacteria and viruses as well as plants and limestone to purify the gray water from the school and toilets. This water then will be recycled and used to flush the toilets. The system has been designed by a volunteer in Minnesota who specializes in designing and installing water garden systems for the state of Minnesota.
This will make our septic system the most advanced state of the art system in Central America. Holy Cross will keep the public updated on the building progress.
Ambergris Today

Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye, Belize

Easter vacation

Dear Friends, I hope you had a blessed and holy Easter and that now you're enjoying a beautiful Spring!. The students and staff here at Holy Cross definitely appreciated their two week Easter vacation. Many thanks to the volunteer team from St. Michael's, Raleigh, NC who provided a terrific Holy Week VBS to over 60 of our little ones and a Good Friday service for us all.

As always things are very busy at Holy Cross. To mention just a few....

* Our Standard VI students have taken the first part of their Primary School Exam (PSE) - Language Arts and Science. On May 4th they will take the second part - Math and Social Studies. Please send a few extra prayers their way. I hope Holy Cross will soon lead the nation of Belize in passing rate - a lofty goal but I pray for 100%!

* A class from Holy Cross recently won the Hol Chal Marine Reserve Slogan and Poster contest! Their slogan, "Save the Reef Today; Tomorrow Might be too Late!" will be the official theme of Reef Week and earned the students a free trip to the Reserve.

* Construction is proceeding on the new, state-of-the-art composting toilet system (please see the attached photos). We are all counting the days until it is finished!!! It will be the greenest school toilet system in the nation with 24 toilets, 10 urinals, 4 teacher bathrooms and 8 sinks - yea! Many thanks to the Episcopal Church Women and their United Thank Offering grant.

* We continue to be blessed with the presence of Deacon Jan Lamb from St. Luke's, Durham, NC. Deacon Jan has been such a wonderful addition to the staff assisting with Chapel, teaching Religious Education, preparing our FIRST Confirmation class(!!), counseling students and teaching math - wow! We will certainly miss her when she leaves in June.

* And speaking of Confirmation...Bishop Wright will be with us on Sunday, May 30th for Baptisms and Confirmation. We are soooooo excited!

* We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a volunteer team from Vancouver Island University. These folks will be working with the teachers on classroom management, lesson preparation and presentation.

Holy Cross is definitely an exciting place to be! Thanks to your continuing support we hope it always will be - smile. Please take a few moments today to send your prayers and a financial contribution to the school. We are committed to providing the Feeding Program (costs $500US per day!), maintaining the Computer Center (electricity for the air conditioning costs $2,000US per month!), staffing the Library (salary of $400US per month!) and the thousand and one other things that seem to cost tons of money. Please, please, please, the students of Holy Cross need YOUR help!

Checks payable to "Holy Cross Anglican School" should be sent to:
Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye, Belize

OR, you may make your donation through "Click and Pay" on the school web site: www.holycrossbelize.org

OR, through the Holy Cross Education Foundation; 7550 Corporate Way; Eden Prarie, MN 55344

Many thanks and blessings, Francis

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