Advisory Board meeting - Sept 2008

The advisory board meeting went well this morning. One of the main goals is to get the parents more involved and further the community oriented direction of the school.

Holy Cross School is taking a holistic approach and recognizes that aside from the kids education, the needs of the community are just as important to create a well balanced enviornment.  

The new school library should be done within the next month and much needed counselling center open in January.  A volunteer from the states is taking a 4 month sabbaticle to come and  do training so that there will be an effective councillor available within the community who is able to deal with domestic issues.

A church in Newfoundland has volunteered to raise the funds needed to open a health post so that people can get affordable treatment closer to home and on weekends if need be. This is another big step in helping the community of San Mateo and surrounding area. 

Holy Cross has made available scholarships to all senior students so they were able to go onto high school this year and not have to worry about costs. In exchange for scholarships the students are required to work 1/2 day on weekends - this work consists of computer lab training and learning computer repairs so that the kids are well skilled in this area when they enter the work world.

Pictures from this mornings meeting, Independence Day Parade, Fishing tournament and first computer class.

Advisory board meeting
Holy Cross float
Independence day parade
Holy Cross kids

Fishing tournament


Holy Cross student fishing

Holy Cross student fishing

Tired boys

First computer class

Higher learning

Kids getting a chance to become computer savvy

Learning in the computer lab

Dedication and Blessing of Computer Lab

Holy Cross Anglican School was a buzz to day. Parents, Kids, Members of the Diocese, Staff, Volunteers, all enjoyed the Dedication and Blessing of the new computer lab - and rightfully so, it is not every day that they are having Dedication to give thanks to the generous Donation of 40 new Dell computers and all the help that went into making it happen, from each nail hammered to every meal cooked to feed the hungry workers.  

I can tell you the feeling to go along with the pictures of people walking through the computer room was one of awe. From the Mayoress Elsa Paz saying how wonderful it was to a Belizean woman happy that there are going to be adult classes available at night and we both talked about how much this will mean to the kids all throughout their life to be computer smart for anything they choose to do in the future. The teachers will also have a huge benefit to their studies and since there are 40 computers, it will being many together with the energy of higher learning at one time.

Back to school time - Miss Francis update

September 7, 2008

Dear Friends,  We survived the first week of school - yea!!  The days proceeding September 1st were wild and crazy as we worked 'round the clock to have everything ready.  Thanks be to God and with your prayers almost 500 children found a safe haven and a place of learning ready and waiting...two new classrooms, computer lab(!!), school supplies, seventeen teachers, Feeding Program, nurse/councilor, textbooks, uniforms, soccer balls, library books, toilet paper, purified water and much, much more!!!  Many thanks on behalf of those who are still too young to thank you themselves - smile!

Wish you could all be here with us this Friday at 10am for the official Dedication, Blessing and Opening of our new Computer Lab...Bishop Philip Wright will say the prayers and our guests will represent the local, national and international (that's you!) communities.  Many, many thanks to all those who made this dream a reality!!!!!!!

Please enjoy a few photos of our first day of school on Monday, September 1st.  The first children (picture one) arrived at 7:05am!!! Also, please check out the following blog spot from Michele who recently came on a tour of the school.  She is from Playa Del Carmen and the post below has pics and a write up of her visit.  You need to scroll through the first few pictures to get to Holy Cross!!

As always, we count on your support to make this miracle continue to happen.  Please send checks made payable to 'Holy Cross Anglican School' to:

Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye, Belize

Oh behalf of our 495 students and staff...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  
Blessings, Francis

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