Every bit helps

Recently a local friend dropped off a bag of change that he had been collecting as a donation for the school. I put it on my chore list yesterday to count it up and see how much was there so I could let him know and have a total for Miss Linda at the office.

I sifted through the bag and separated out a few quarters and 50-cent pieces but the bulk of the money was in nickels and pennies. I had pen and paper beside me marking a line every time I counted out one dollar worth of coins. The total came to $82.54, for some that may not seem like a lot but to the Holy Cross kids it is a great contribution.

This just goes to show how something so simple as putting change that we often take for granted aside can add up and make a difference.

Holy Cross would like to send thanks to all those who continue make a difference, be it collecting loose change, sending a check, doing a fundraiser, picking up a paint brush sending things down for the kids and so much more.


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