Art Class

Today Denise and I went top do some art work with Mr Darwin Tun's class and had a great time with the kids - split them up into 3 groups - boys made planes and 2 tables of girls doing coloring and crafts.To help boost what we brought with us. Miss Grace and Miss Lara let is go through the supply closet for some glue, markers, colored pencils, and paper. If you would like to help the kids get creative, art supplies are a very welcome donation.

Anyone interested in participating in art, drama or any skill set they might have to offer please call the School office 226-3456 or email me at the address in my tacogirlblog profile - this can be a one time thing or on a part time basis.

We are also looking for valentine cards if anyone reading this is coming down soon.

Making paper airplanes

Coloring pages

Making cards and puppets

Ready for take off

Personal favorite

Cards and puppets - stickers courtesy of TQ

Coloring pages and cards
Finger print books someone donated - any art supplies are welcome

Volunteer on your vacation

Denise and I went up tp the school today so she could volunteer to do arts and crafts with the kids a couple of times a week - we came up with the idea to make things that they can use in drama and putting on plays.

While there we did part of the tour and met another really nice couple who was looking to see how they could do something with the school.

If you want to add a new experience to your vacation I highly recomend you make plans to drop by the school and see the kids. - they are a great bunch.

Anyone arriving before Valentines that has room to bring candy it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for people interested to speak at career day Monday Feb 25th. DCG is the first volunteer for that.

To see more pictures go to tacogirl's blog

Heading to gym class by the sea

Bikes - extra parts might be usefull

Actual main access road north

Cleaning a path
Area marked for playground

Touring the school with Francis

Kids are learning good things

Picture time

Vernon takes over tour

Kids in class

Goofing around

Off to gym class

New Year wish List

Wish list - Revised 1/3/08

Tennis shoes - new or gently worn. Children sizes 7 - 13; Adult sizes 1 - 9

Copy paper – white and colors.

Children’s books - especially featuring children of color, pre-reader to 7th grade

Classroom Wall Clocks

Hand sanitizer – large bottles

Children’s Dictionaries: beginner (grades 1 through 3), intermediate (grades 4 – 6), student (grades 7 and 8)

Resource materials: children’s Bibles, dictionaries, science, health, geography, etcColoring books – especially religious themes…Easter, Christmas, etc.

Two pocket folders

Children’s practice exercise books: k through 7th: math, language arts, science, geography, health

Small items we can use as little prizes

Teacher charts – language, math, science,etc (wonderful things at Teacher Stores!)

Educational toys

Tape - scotch tape, duct tape and brown plastic packaging tapeStickers

Tambourines, drums, simple musical instruments

Face painting materials

Sugarless gum

Bulletin Board Supplies -Spring, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Start of School, Christmas, etc


High speed “industrial strength” copy machine

TONS of land fill - $100US for 7 cubic yards – price has increased by $30US a load.

CD players for classrooms


Computer Printers

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