Independence Day Students Parade

Today was the Independence Day Parade for some of the schools. Holy Cross kids were very excited to participate. Some of the girls added some red white and blue to their hairdo's showing some Independence day spirit. Many parents came along to help chaperon the kids and enjoy the fun.

The kids all had a blast from waiting for the parade to start and having fun in central park after it was done to racing down the beach spotting dolphins then getting sidetracked by an octopus as the dolphins moved further away.

Home-made flag

Waiting on the bleachers

Coral Beach Realty cart sticked with water and extra flags

Miss Sharon handing out extra flags

Holy Cross Banner

Having fun

Portable shade

Getting lined up for the parade

Holy Cross kids take over middle street

View from our veranda

Holy Cross tapestry

Belize Flag holders - a very important job

Hitching a ride with the Dj

Kids having fun

Marching in the parade

Red white and blue braids

Strike a pose

Girls all dolled up for the parade

Lunch cart

Playing in the park

Girls chatting

Central Park

Snack time

After party in the park

Watching Dolphins heading towards Ramon's

Checking out an octopus


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