Felix - play nice please

We were all glad to wake up this morning and see that as of right now we are in better shape that we were last night regarding Felix. Please keep those prarers coming folks school starts Sept 11th and we have a lot to get ready before then especially with the storm action.

The school is in preparation mode as best they can for the hurricane.

Just a reminder to tune into reef radio for updates. Jim Janmohamed will be speaking at some point during day, he is head of NEMO here and very solid information. http://reefradiofm.tripod.com/

I am also doing updates on my blog http://tacogirlblog.blogspot.com/ so people can check or write comments in regarding people, information. I will be posting pictures as well..

11:55 am
Just spoke to Francis, Holy Cross School is boarded up and anything that could be put in plastic garbage bags was. Mr. Freddy and his family and all work crew have evacuated.

The teachers have all left the island and gone various places such as Orange walk and Belize city, but none went south.

Francis and Vernon will be staying on the Island at the Belizean Shores with a few other people which I will post in my blog shortly.

Water is due to be shut off at 10 am tomorrow, Paul heard this in reef radio this morning.


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