Almost summer vacation

One week of school left and everyone has ants in their pants.

Visit to the school was productive. Travis had a great tour of the school and San Mateo area.

So much has gone on there in the second year. 22 students just had graduation Sunday - our Valedictorian was a boy who was heading down the wrong path and was able to get turned around and headed in a better direction.

There is a scholarship program in place and the top students will be offered scholarships so they can continue their education - in exchange, the students will work Saturdays at the school to help give back to their community and learn life skills. If you would like to know more about this please email me from profile in tacorgirlblog.

The school does not agree with corporal punishment and chooses to teach the kids in a different way why it is important to be able to follow some rules and guidelines. When the boys don't tuck in their shirts they are made to wear a jumper for the day so there are no shirt tails to be tucked. This method has worked very well in solving the problem quickly and easily - so have sit ups and push ups. One student recently told Vernon how he learned how to control his anger in new ways as a result of going to Holy Cross.

The Police have asked the school to work on building a counseling center for abused women and children. The school is also planning to operate a basic clinic that will benefit people of the area.

The dental clinic is looking great. All the kids have been seen at least once and more if needed. The school has noticed an increase in health and well being of the kids as a result. Miss Francis said there is also been an increase in height and weight of the kids due to the feeding program. The kids are growing at a more normal rate and although some are still on the low end of the scale, they are continuing to show improvement.

More pics on tacogirlblog

Dental Clinic

Tooth brushes

Travis and Francis

Computer Lab



Special Ed

Special Ed

A few recent donations thanks Wade the Gringo and Nascargirl

Winning Hiv awareness poster competition

Awards ceremony

Holy Cross girls

Computer lab under construction

This post under construction

June update - Miss Francis

June 6, 2008

Dear Friends, We are CELEBRATING at Holy Cross Anglican School.........

Yesterday we learned that John Willard of St. Luke's, Durham, NC received approval of a grant request on behalf of Holy Cross. Through his efforts, Holy Cross will receive $22,500US towards the construction of the Computer Lab/School Library - awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we found out that 77% of our Standard VI students passed the mandatory national Primary School Exam - WOW! The national average pass rate is 43%. Our students were the least likely to do so well as many had been out of school for a year or more or had been cast out by other schools. We are rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow you can be past of this glorious adventure through your donation to the Standard VI Scholarship Fund. We want our students to go on to high school but the cost per year is $1,000US per student. Please help!!!!!

Through your efforts, Holy Cross Anglican School has made it to this glorious day. Please help us go forward!!!!Checks can be made payable to: Holy Cross Anglican Schooland sent to:
Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye

Many thanks and blessings, Francis

San Pedro kids for recycling

Sending a big shout out to the folks at Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services Sue M sent me 5 lesson plan pdf files and a document of websites with some good information and downloadable materials for me to check out. I will be making these available in some form to all schools who would like a copy preferably via email or by flash drive directly to school computers. I am very grateful for any and all help - so much to learn in this area.

Isla Bonita and Holy Cross kids marched through town with artistic hand made signs. Both schools were enthusiastic and made lot's noise to let people know they are serious about reusing recycling and keeping Ambergris Caye clean.

To see more pictures and recycling flyer please go to tacogirlblog

Lots of kids came for parade

Kirsten talkign to the kids about why we need to reuse recycle

She had their full attention

Notice her red reusable sigg 1 liter water bottle

Isla Bonita kids

Great signs

Kids for helping keep the island clean

The message is clear

Holy Cross kids

Heading down the parade route

Kids for reusing recycling

Making some noise for reusing recycling

Stopping traffic

Recycling is the way to go - Don't throw garbage

Holy Cross kids

Taking over middle street

Letting the rest of the parade cathc up

Isla Bonita kids enjoying leading the parade

Heading down front street

Great art work

Back in central park

San Pedro kids for recycling

In an effort to protect the environment several schools on the Island are joining together to encourage their communities to make reusing and recycling a part of San Pedro’s education system.

There has been much talk about the effects of development on the island and it’s impact on the ecosystem. In order to help protect the island’s natural beauty, we must join together and start the ball rolling for reusing, recycling and going green in San Pedro.

The goal is to jump-start reusing and recycling on Ambergris Caye by having people talk to the kids and explain why it is important. In the new school year the plan is to get kids making arts and crafts from clean and ready to use items that people would otherwise be throwing in the trash.

Please join us and support the kids for our parade Friday June 6th 1:30pm meet at Central Park. Recycled signs to show support are welcome but not necessary.

If you would like to help please contact one of the schools listed below to see what is needed. If there is a school in your area that is not on the list please encourage them to join the program. For more Information please contact Laurie via

Holy Cross School – Miss Linda - 226 3456
ABC Pre School – Mr. Will Alamilla Jr. – 226 3070
Little Angels Pre School – Miss Marina – 226 2115
R.C. School - Miss Kay – 226 2550
New Horizons – Mr Miguel Hernandez – 226 - 2115
Ambergris Caye Elementary School – Miss Odelia - 226 4323

Storm from Albert

I spoke to Cullen earlier and he said north of the bridge is pretty wet many boats got sunk and sand was washed away. Not gone that far yet and will post pics as soon as I do.

To find out a bit about how Albert hit town last night please go to tacogirlblog.

Here are a few pictures of the School and San Mateo area.

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