Good news - Miss Francis

Good news......Great JOY.........

Yesterday I went to Belize City with our teacher who has had problems with her ex, (the San Pedro policeman).  Our attorney was there (a minor miracle in itself) and the case was heard in Family Court.  The Magistrate gave the teacher a one year protection order (YEA!) against her ex and gave him a good talking to.  At one point he asked what would happen if he violated the order...would it go to the police department? (of course that's where all his buddies are!).  The magistrate said "NO, it will immediately come back to this court!"

Our teacher also got the visitation with their child set up the way she wanted it.  She will take the boy to the ex's mother and he can only visit with him with his mother present.  Thanks be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were jumping up and down with joy especially after the magistrate here in San Pedro was so rude to Vernon and me on Monday.  That magistrate told us that he didn't grant our teacher a temporary protection order because the 'conditions didn't warrant it and I am the absolute judicial authority in San Pedro!!'.   As I mentioned in my last email he was shrieking at us.  Made me really happy when the Family Court judge found enough evidence to extend the temporary protection order for ONE YEAR - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, our teacher was beaming ear to ear and so were we. Please keep a-praying as Vernon and I still have to deal with the screaming magistrate in San Pedro on July 20!!!!  Love and hugs, francis

Graduation 2009 - Miss Francis

Holy Cross Anglican School proudly graduated twenty five Standard VI students on Sunday, June 21st.  The Nunez Auditorium at San Pedro High School was beautifully decorated and hundreds of parents, family members, students, staff members, volunteers and friends joined together to honor the graduating class of 2009.

Mistress of Ceremonies and Standard II teacher, Ms. Zulma Vasquez called on Ms. Nancy Schorr, Team Leader for the volunteer group from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Kingwood, Texas to offer the Opening Prayer.  Following the National Anthem, Gaspar Villamil, School Salutatorian gave the Welcoming Address.  Principal, Mrs. Grace Williams then addressed the crowd encouraging the graduates to continue their education and to remember that hard work is required to accomplish worthy goals.

The Infant Division serenaded the class of 2009 with a most appropriate item, "You've Done Your Job" followed by the  Valedictory Address given by Jonathan Martinez. The graduates then preformed their class song, "The Climb" which spoke to their class theme, "The struggles I'm facing sometimes knock me down but I'm not breaking...".

Guest Speaker Mr. Jahmor Lopez, Belize District Education Officer, challenged the graduates to overcome setbacks and failures and to continue climbing their personal mountains.  He set the example of Jesus before them and reminded all present that even Jesus stumbled three times on His way to the cross.  Jesus got up and continued onward and so should you, Mr. Lopez asserted.

Mrs. Francis Wilson gave the Local Manager's Address reminding all present that only three short years ago, Holy Cross didn't exist.  Today it is a vibrant primary school with 500 students.  Mrs. Wilson also announced the scholarship recipients from the class of 2009.  A total of $15,000 in scholarships was awarded to the class of 2009.  These scholarships were provided by friends of Holy Cross Anglican School in the US, Canada and England.  The following students each received a $1,000 scholarship for First Form:  Desmond Bailey, Damaris Caliz, Maite Livingston, Jose Luis Marroquin, Jonathan Martinez, Miriam Palacio, Nolbin Perez, Alvaro Puc, Christian Ramos, Kimberly Reyes, Miriam Rodriguez, Briceydi Vanegas, Gaspar Villamil, Ishtar Williams.

In addition to the scholarships given to the graduating students, ten students who graduated from Holy Cross in 2008  received a $1,000 scholarship to continue onto Second Form.  They are Irvin Chacon, Julio Chacon, Kimberly Carrillo, Shaunne Elliott, Victor Hernandez, Michael Howe, Rudy Puc, Estrella Trochez, Samantha Welch and Estrellita Williams.

Mrs. Wilson concluded her remarks by sharing how proud the management and staff of Holy Cross was to be able to assist twenty five of their graduates with scholarships totaling $25,000.

The Middle Division next sang "We Are The World" followed by a very moving 'Passing of the Torch of Knowledge' Ceremony.

Finally the long awaited moment was at hand as the twenty five Standard VI students stood to receive their diplomas.  The certificates were distributed by Mrs. Grace Williams and Mr. Jahmor Lopez.  The three outstanding students from each class then received gifts distributed by parent volunteers Mrs. Maricruz Martinez and Mrs. Brenda Martinez. 

The Graduation Ceremony concluded with a poem, "Be the Best of Whatever You Are", recited by the upper division students, The Vote of Thanks by graduate, Christian Ramos and the final benediction by Mrs. Nancy Schorr.

Twenty five joyful primary school graduates exited the auditorium amid applause and rejoicing. They took their first steps into the next chapter of their lives!

More Donations

Changes in Latitudes hosted Blog Fiesta breakfast today and raised  $115 in donations for Holy Cross School.

In addition to that the Direct Abundance girls handed over $250 from the selling green beads with Alexis at lobsterfest block party. They also picked up a donation of 7 build a bears that made it to the Sunbreeze Hotel thanks to Mary Mooney who donated them and sent to TQ who got them to Jennifer in Houston to bring to us. Thanks also goes out to KC Jayhawks for their donation of a a digital camera - the Kinnon family for 6 big bottles of gummy bear vitamins as well as everyone who came out to enjoy french toast and hot buttered rum syrup for a good cause.

Everything but the Kitchen sink

Today we went back to the school with the last 2 bags and unpacked and sorted everything the Direct Abundance girls brought yesterday. As you can see below they really did bring everything but the kitchen sink.

After doing that we went to the office and Direct abundance decided on the spot to sponsor one kid with a scholarship to high school for 1 year.

Jo Heather and Cathy also  came up with a very exciting plan. Many kids in Canada are required to do 40 h of community service work to graduate high school so the girls will approach schools to have the kids sell chocolate bars to help send a Holy Cross student to High school on a scholarship.

All the Holy Cross kids had to write out why they felt deserving of a scholarship and what area they wanted to study. There were 4 kids left to choose from all had great letters but they chose Damaris who is 14 years old and wants to be a music producer. In her own words... I chose this career because I really love music. Music is my passion I could hear music every day and I don't get bored. I really have to follow my dreams and not give up. 

Donations from Canada

The Direct Abundance girls - Joanne Heather and Cathy arrived in Belize today. They came from Canada with 450 lbs /9 big bags of donations for the Holy Cross School. Of course everyone at the school was overjoyed.

It was perfect timing as well because Carol Babb the from the Ministry of Education was there and so the girls got to meet her and form a connection. This will enable Direct Abundance to help schools on the mainland as well. The Ministry of Education is working towards using Holy Cross as a model for schools in Belize - how exciting. This is a perfect tie in with Direct Abundance because one of their goals is to start getting school in a box here - a kit that is a complete classroom. They are working to get first one down for September so they will be busy girls. 

Joanne is also coming back for 2 months this winter and volunteering. Heather will come down for a bit during that time and help with training in special ed teachers - something she has done for 20 years.

All their checked bags were donations mostly for Holy Cross and they are taking one bag to RC school and there will be more coming for both schools in the near future.

They sold chocolate bars to help cover the cost of overweight luggage

Full cart - there is another full one behind me too

Ran into Miss Colette who had just finished her Humane Education session with the kids. Interestingly enough she was talking about volunteering today and what it means to help those in need.

Everything but the kitchen sink

2 special bags of Donations collected from kids at the school where Heather teaches. These are from kids who do not have a lot themselves and were willing to help someone less fortunate. They will be excited to see their bags in pictures.

Dinner at waruguma with Maureen and Tracy who also volunteer at the school. The all hooked up in the internet and will end up working together somehow in regards to the school.

Welcome back

Maureen and Tracy visited the school today with their magic red suitcase that keeps refilling it self and coming back. A couple of the hot items from today were hot use laminating sheets and chisel point markers - with the teachers doing 5 charts each a week for their classes they go through a lot of ink. They also brought a check on-behalf of them and their church which is always needed to help sustain things like the feeding program. 

While here they are going to do some volunteer time next week and get to know the kids and teachers who they are helping out.

Magic suitcase

Maureen Francis Vernon Tracy

A volunteer group checking out the library

Computer lab rules

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