Good news - Miss Francis

Good news......Great JOY.........

Yesterday I went to Belize City with our teacher who has had problems with her ex, (the San Pedro policeman).  Our attorney was there (a minor miracle in itself) and the case was heard in Family Court.  The Magistrate gave the teacher a one year protection order (YEA!) against her ex and gave him a good talking to.  At one point he asked what would happen if he violated the order...would it go to the police department? (of course that's where all his buddies are!).  The magistrate said "NO, it will immediately come back to this court!"

Our teacher also got the visitation with their child set up the way she wanted it.  She will take the boy to the ex's mother and he can only visit with him with his mother present.  Thanks be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were jumping up and down with joy especially after the magistrate here in San Pedro was so rude to Vernon and me on Monday.  That magistrate told us that he didn't grant our teacher a temporary protection order because the 'conditions didn't warrant it and I am the absolute judicial authority in San Pedro!!'.   As I mentioned in my last email he was shrieking at us.  Made me really happy when the Family Court judge found enough evidence to extend the temporary protection order for ONE YEAR - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, our teacher was beaming ear to ear and so were we. Please keep a-praying as Vernon and I still have to deal with the screaming magistrate in San Pedro on July 20!!!!  Love and hugs, francis


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