Swimming Classes and playground pics

Holy Cross Volunteers Offer Swimming Classes

Volunteers to Holy Cross Anglican School from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Pacific Palisades, California taught swimming classes the week of July 20 - 24.  Almost 50 Island children participated in this program and learned vital water survival skills.  The group stayed at the Tides and the management there graciously offered their pool and dock for swimming lessons. Classes were held each morning from 9am until 11:30 with a mid-morning snack served by the volunteers.

Saturday morning was the culmination of a week of fun and learning as the First Annual Swim Meet was held.  Prizes were awarded and all participants received new bathing suits and delicious ice cream cones from Manelly’s.

In the afternoons the team came to Holy Cross and helped ready the school for reopening (August 31).  Major projects included constructing a deck around the upper division classrooms, erecting a playground slide and lots of painting. 

Sandra bringing soccer-balls from kids in Canada

Belize University teacher training course at Holy Cross - 6 week course

Why the new playground is such a good thing

San Mateo house

Kids enjoying the playground

Fun in the sun

Playground thanks to Dita and Ed and many other wonderful people

Happy girl


Kids playing

Nice place close to home to play

Climbing high

Having fun


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