Donations from Canada

The Direct Abundance girls - Joanne Heather and Cathy arrived in Belize today. They came from Canada with 450 lbs /9 big bags of donations for the Holy Cross School. Of course everyone at the school was overjoyed.

It was perfect timing as well because Carol Babb the from the Ministry of Education was there and so the girls got to meet her and form a connection. This will enable Direct Abundance to help schools on the mainland as well. The Ministry of Education is working towards using Holy Cross as a model for schools in Belize - how exciting. This is a perfect tie in with Direct Abundance because one of their goals is to start getting school in a box here - a kit that is a complete classroom. They are working to get first one down for September so they will be busy girls. 

Joanne is also coming back for 2 months this winter and volunteering. Heather will come down for a bit during that time and help with training in special ed teachers - something she has done for 20 years.

All their checked bags were donations mostly for Holy Cross and they are taking one bag to RC school and there will be more coming for both schools in the near future.

They sold chocolate bars to help cover the cost of overweight luggage

Full cart - there is another full one behind me too

Ran into Miss Colette who had just finished her Humane Education session with the kids. Interestingly enough she was talking about volunteering today and what it means to help those in need.

Everything but the kitchen sink

2 special bags of Donations collected from kids at the school where Heather teaches. These are from kids who do not have a lot themselves and were willing to help someone less fortunate. They will be excited to see their bags in pictures.

Dinner at waruguma with Maureen and Tracy who also volunteer at the school. The all hooked up in the internet and will end up working together somehow in regards to the school.


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