Everything but the Kitchen sink

Today we went back to the school with the last 2 bags and unpacked and sorted everything the Direct Abundance girls brought yesterday. As you can see below they really did bring everything but the kitchen sink.

After doing that we went to the office and Direct abundance decided on the spot to sponsor one kid with a scholarship to high school for 1 year.

Jo Heather and Cathy also  came up with a very exciting plan. Many kids in Canada are required to do 40 h of community service work to graduate high school so the girls will approach schools to have the kids sell chocolate bars to help send a Holy Cross student to High school on a scholarship.

All the Holy Cross kids had to write out why they felt deserving of a scholarship and what area they wanted to study. There were 4 kids left to choose from all had great letters but they chose Damaris who is 14 years old and wants to be a music producer. In her own words... I chose this career because I really love music. Music is my passion I could hear music every day and I don't get bored. I really have to follow my dreams and not give up. 


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