Touring the School

Holy Cross kids cleaning up the beach near the cut

I went to the Holy Cross School yesterday.

It was certainly an eye opener for me. The first thing I noticed was that the children were so friendly. They welcomed their foreigner visitor and were the most polite children I had ever seen.

In the classroom, I could hear scuffling of books and papers and saying shhhhhhh, because, of course I am assuming, they have that much respect for Vernon. I also noticed that this school is modest in it's appearance, but seems to be teaching things school in North America could learn a thing or two from. I read the writing on the wall myself. Instead of your everyday graffiti, instead it said , Love your family and Help the sick.

I chatted with Vernon with length and took and walk through San Mateo. I learned of some of the difficulties these hardworking families deal with. I learned how much the community is benefiting from the school and how they would like to to expand, to increase career opportunities for these children to work towards, and judging from their behaviour, they certainly have the discipline and motivation to financially EXCEL in any part of the world.

I hope that I will be able to return year after and see the school grow. Thank you for a wonderful tour, and I am thankful for all the hard work, effort, and love you put into your school. May you be blessed with tonnes of abundance, and goodwill.

Joanne from Canada


Vernon Joanne


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