Growing by leaps and bounds

The teachers at Holy Cross have been learning first aid through the efforts of Cullen Walker. He has also been implementing a fire safety plan with a scale map of the school that will be laminated and placed in each classroom with a clearly specified exit route. The plan is to educate the children and teachers on fire safety.

Fire extinguishers will be placed near classroom doorways the goal is to have one for every classroom - due to limited numbers they will be placed in central areas first and marked on the map. Fire drills will also be held and sometimes certain routes will be blocked off so that teachers and students will learn how to take an alternate route and what to do in case of emergency.

The school is looking at getting safety patrol belts or vests for each class. The students will earn the honour to become a safety patrol and the goal is to help them learn life skills and responsibility through good behaviour.

The Holy Cross Saint’s football team won their first game against New Horizons school 3 – 0. There will be an ice-cream party in honour of Mr. Coba and the team.

Holy Cross Valentines fair is Friday Feb 15th - if you are in town pleace come out and celebrate.

Career day is Tuesday Feb 26th - we are still looking for more speakers.

Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser is set for May 3rd - details to come.


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