Janet and John's visit

Our friend Dick's folks are in town and had asked me to bring them to the school so they could drop off their donations. I already had some other stuff from message boarders who came to town bearing valentines treats.

We are getting ready for the big Valentines fair on Friday February 15th 9 am - 2 pm. There will be food for sale and you are all invited to the party - limbo, sac races and lots of fun make it a perfect time to visit the school and see the kids in action. I think DB's son Ryan will be baking some scones, those alone are worth the trip.

Suitcase full of donations - Miss Grace principle Janet and John

Group picture

Valentines donations from all over


John John Janet - middle John is helping build new library and pc lab with his mission group

Girls watching the new library / computer lab get built

Miss Rosalie and her crew serving up some healthy fruit snacks

Tyra and Denvan

Emily says Peace all

Janet John Jaymin


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