Follow a child

I was reading Inspiration Sandwich, one of my Sark books yesterday and I came across the piece below, I thought it was worth posting in the school blog. For those of you planning to make a visit to Ambergris Caye and have time to visit the school on your trip, it is a very worthwhile experience. There is a lot to be learned from enjoying the company of the kids here on the island.
Follow a child – Taken from the book Inspiration Sandwich by Sark.

A child’s world is made up of spirit and miracles. We sometimes think that children should follow us, listen to us, become like us.

Follow a child closely for an hour. Not to teach or to discipline but to learn and to laugh.

My friend Edie and I were talking in the phone, when her two children Meridith and Clairborne interrupted us with their shrieks and giggles. Edie said “Oh my God. They are stomping on Ritz crackers in their bare feet. Remember how good that felt? I can’t watch. I don’t want to stop them, but I can’t watch.”

She went into another room, and we continued our conversation. Her willingness to allow the Ritz cracker stomping led me to write: “How to Really Love a child.”

My Eight year old friend Stephanie comes over to draw on my walls and read my newest writings. This particular day, I I felt angry at a friend and decided to ask Stephanie’s advice.

“What do you do when you’re really mad at a friend?” I asked.

She thought for a moment.

“Oh, that! Well. Usually you wait until one person forgets, and then that one calls up the other one and says “ Do you want to play?”


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