Art Class

Today Denise and I went top do some art work with Mr Darwin Tun's class and had a great time with the kids - split them up into 3 groups - boys made planes and 2 tables of girls doing coloring and crafts.To help boost what we brought with us. Miss Grace and Miss Lara let is go through the supply closet for some glue, markers, colored pencils, and paper. If you would like to help the kids get creative, art supplies are a very welcome donation.

Anyone interested in participating in art, drama or any skill set they might have to offer please call the School office 226-3456 or email me at the address in my tacogirlblog profile - this can be a one time thing or on a part time basis.

We are also looking for valentine cards if anyone reading this is coming down soon.

Making paper airplanes

Coloring pages

Making cards and puppets

Ready for take off

Personal favorite

Cards and puppets - stickers courtesy of TQ

Coloring pages and cards
Finger print books someone donated - any art supplies are welcome


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