May - June 2007


Twenty nine school days left as we count down to the last day of school, June 29, 2007. Let the party planning begin. Unbelievable that the school year is almost over.

170 students have been learning to read, write, add and subtract, among other things like learning the Lord’s Prayer, washing hands before each meal and saying please and thank you , especially on teacher appreciation day.

A School Nurse has been hired and is being paid out of School funds at $175US per week. Her responsibilities are endless and she is making an invaluable contribution to the health and well being of the students. Welcome, Miss Glenda.

Miss Diane of Quick Messenger Service is teaching Sign Language to the Staff (every Monday afternoon for 45 minutes) and to both Standard I classes on Wednesday mornings. We have two deaf students (one in each Standard I class) and many of our special needs students are non-verbal. So, we’re all learning to communicate in Sign!! It brought tears to my eyes as a group of children recently signed Happy Birthday to a little girl in their class. Miss Diane is also being paid out of School funds at $50US per week.

Work has begun on the School Office/Nurse’s Office/Infirmary and the future dental clinic and storage room. We hope to have the Office/Infirmary finished by the end of next week.

Dr. Mark Johnson and his wife, Joan have offered to spearhead the setting up of a small dental clinic at the School. This will ensure that our students receive dental care several times a year and that other children in the community can be cared for, free of charge. Thank you, Mark and Joan for your generous offer.

A Friends of Holy Cross group came together from the local community and organized a Cinco de Mayo Fund raising Extravaganza at Wet Willy's bar and cantina. The event was a huge success with people flying in from out of town enjoy the party. Almost $10,000US was raised to purchase desperately needed land fill and a great time was had by children and adults. Big shout out to all who helped make this event a big success. To see pictures of this event please go to link s listed below.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks on a five classroom pod which will house the Infant I and Infant II classes next fall. As soon as that is completed, we start on the remaining three classrooms we will need prior to the opening of school in September 2007 - say LOTS of prayers!

The Standard I classes each took a field trip to the Butterfly Farm about two miles north of the School. For many it was their first time in a boat and for all it was their first experience up close and personal with butterflies. The field trip was held after each class had completed a science unit on the life cycle of the butterfly. Many thanks to Captain Tom and Miss Valley, owners of the Butterfly Farm, for providing free entrance and to Fred Somes for the use of his boat.

The Education Board from the Anglican Diocese of Belize held its monthly meeting on April 18th at Holy Cross. It was a pleasure to welcome Bishop Philip Wright, Mrs. Carol Babb, General Manager of Anglican Schools and the other members of the committee. They were all amazed at how far Holy Cross has come in such a short period of time. We got a gold star of aproval and a pat on the back.

A part time bookkeeper and School Office Manager has been hired. Once again, her salary has to be paid out of School funds ($150US per week) as Government does not provide salaries for staff assistance - unbelievable! Anyway, we are all delighted to welcome Miss Linda

Students in Standard I were taken to the local library for a tour and to get a library card. Most of our students didn’t even know there was such a thing as a town library and would have never been able to afford the $1.50US fee for the library card. Your donations were at work again.

Plans for the upcoming 2007-08 school year call for Holy Cross to become a full primary school offering classes from Infant I through Standard VI (K through 7). Our projected enrollment will more than likely double to approximately 400 students…over twice as many uniforms, textbooks, meals, school supplies, teachers, desks, socks, shoes, book bags. Please help - when ever and how ever you can.

Checks may be made payable to: Holy Cross Anglican School And sent to:
Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye

The staff and students of Holy Cross thank you for your support and invite you to visit soon.


Field trip to Belize Zoo was greatly enjoyed.

Class Pictures were taken to commemorate the first year of students.

We had a great end of school party with local musicians and handmade instruments for the kids. Sounds of noisemakers, drums, a didgeridoo, children's laughter and shreeks of joy filled the air.

The new School Office/Infirmary/Dental Clinic is close to be completed. Playground comes next.

Cinco De Mayo fund raiser for the school

Di Del San Pedro

End of School Party

Field trip to the zoo

End of school Concert

Boat ride

Caught a butterfly

Great compliment to what the kids learned in class

Lyrical King
Zac and John


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