March - April - 2007


The school land was donated by the Belize government, unfortunately it was wetlands and so to build a school there it needed to be filled bit by bit.

Vernon says we need 60,000 cubic yards of fill for the property. There was an engineer who was here several weeks ago who took out a little boat and did water depths all over the property. Somehow that's the figure he came up with.

Currently we're paying $140 for 7 cubic yards (one truck load) or 8,571 loads costing $1,225,149BZ That's to fill the entire 8.6 acres unbelizable! We're talking with some folks who have a dredge that could do the fill for half the price of dump trucks - that's only $612,574.00


Easter Vacation

The Education Board from the Anglican Diocese of Belize held its monthly meeting on April 18th at Holy Cross. It was our pleasure to welcome Bishop Philip Wright, Mrs. Carol Babb, General Manager of Anglican Schools and the other members of the committee. They were all amazed at how far Holy Cross has come in such a short period of time. Holy Cross got a gold star and a good pat on the back for all our hard work.

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Easter party

Good friday

Cleanup day

People making a donation visiting Holy Cross

Clean up day 2


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