After Hurricane Dean

I went to the school today to take pictures after hurricane Dean. I decided to photograph San Mateo first which is the area beside the school where many of the students live.

One one hand I was glad that I knew ahead of time the houses there were ok, on the other hand it made me sad to see the high water levels and imagine what it was like during the storm.

As I approached the bridge to make the loop around the area, I could not bring myself to cross it. That was a first for me, some of you reading this will know what that particular experience is like and after the storm the boards at the end seemed a bit more precarious than usual, although the 2 girls in my picture below had no second thoughts about it.

There has been much controversy over this neighbourhood. I feel it is important for people to see pictures so that we can generate awareness and be able to help the people living in San Mateo have a better neighbourhood. Holy Cross school is helping their kids get a good education and proper nutrition, and would like to see all the families in that area doing well.

The school survived Hurricane Dean, Miss Linda showed me a picture of the school with a big lake in front of it, thankfully the water has gone down. The classrooms are ok and there was no leaks or water damage. Some landfill was lost and 1/2 of a septic system that was to be installed in the Office.

The Hurricane did set everything back a week for construction and now it a bit of a race to get everything finished for Sept 11th the first day of school. Holy Cross is looking for any volunteers that would like to varnish desks and help prepare classrooms for the new school year.

For the next 3 days Miss Dianne from Quick Messenger Service is doing a communications work shop for the teachers at the school.

This School year is going to be busier and better than ever.

Happy boy riding his bike

Girls crossing the bridge

Yards are very wet

No basket ball for a while - we hope to get a playgroud done at the school

A boy and his bike

San Mateo Sidewalk

San Mateo suffered a lot of water after Hurricane Dean

Too much water

Destiny still has an uphill climb health wise

Fixing wires

Yards are not supposed to be wetlands

Houses are still standing

Dock and boat

Too much water

This is supposed to be the official entry way from San Mateo to the school

This sink hole needs to be filled to help improve living conditions in San Mateo

Sinkhole is estimated 20 ft deep

San Mateo sidewalk

Road through San Mateo


Boarded up for Hurricane Dean

These folks need help

Toy car

yards are too wet

Boat motor

Boats by the bridge

New addition to the cafeteria - screened in porch to handle additional students for lunch

Registration time with Miss Linda

Inside new addition to cafateria

Hallway to new classrooms

Inside new classes

Sept 11 is coming fast Holy Cross needs volunteers to help get things ready

New Class

The school is growing so fast

Still boarded up


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