Growing a school July - August 2006

July - 2006

Holy Cross Anglican School - Ambergris Caye Belize

The Anglican Diocese of Belize has responded to the critical shortage of classroom space on Ambergris Caye with the commitment to build and manage a new primary school, Holy Cross Anglican School. It is our hope and prayer that every child in this community will soon be able to receive a first class education with the addition of this school. Classes for Infant I, Infant II and Standard I (K - 2nd grade) will start September 4th, 2006 in three temporary buildings. With the help of Volunteer Mission Teams, construction of the permanent school building will begin as soon as possible. The plan is to build a Chapel, 8 classrooms, a library/computer room, a kitchen and cafeteria, bathroom facilities, school office and principals house. In addition a Special Education unit will be built.

August - 2006

We have registered 6 more students and have a total enrollment of
51. 24 more students will qualify the school for three teachers paid for by the government.

Three temporary classrooms are under construction. The foundation pilings were sunk down to bedrock, what a huge undertaking.The land has been cleared, fill is arriving daily for the many low spots The land has been cleared, fill is arriving daily for the many low spots donated by the town government , local contractors and businesses and the school is "arising from the marsh".

With lots of prayers and community volunteers the exteriors will be completed by the first
of next week.Walls and Floors went in and the roofs are next in line. San Pedro Lions club donated time and helped build the school.

Financial donations have been coming in from the local community and our wonderful friends abroad. If all the checks that are 'in the mail' arrive we should have about $10,000US to get the three classes up and running. That is an incredible amount of generosity but of course much more is needed. ALL our students need textbooks, and uniforms and nourishing lunches and Bibles and school supplies and health and dental check ups - whether their parents can afford these expenses or not - and, unfortunately most cannot. You and the folks you know will make this happen.

And now for some incredible 'God moments' also known as miracles - no names are mentioned…..

1) A lady 'found us on the Internet' just prior to her trip to Belize and brought two suitcases of school supplies - including 20 dictionaries!

2) A nurse will spend 5 weeks of her 'sabbatical' time volunteering in the school - she arrives the day before classes start!

3) The man who sold us the three temporary classrooms at cost (another miracle!) sent 5 of his workers over to San Pedro, at no additional fee, to help in the construction process.

4) A church group who learned of this project through a family who camped in San Pedro last year is sending each child a school supply kit!

5) A church in Texas has sent incredible children's books for classroom libraries!

6) The San Pedro Lion's Club is going door to door to get their members out for the construction project. They have committed to 'do' the bathrooms and sidewalk!

7) Local businesses have donated paint, land fill and agreed to sell us many needed construction items at cost - incredible!

8) A San Pedro organization donated $5,000BZ (US $2,500) to the project!

9) The local Chamber of Commerce donated $500BZ (US $250) and has pledged manpower!

10) A local resident has agreed to provide teacher training (at no cost!) in the area of recognizing and working with special needs children.

11) A frequent San Pedro visitor has 'adopted' several students with full scholarships! We estimate the actual cost per student to be $600US per year. Government pays teacher salaries the rest is up the Anglican School Management (which has 21 schools and precious little
money) and folks like YOU!

And two miracles that are very close to Francis' heart….

1) Our night watchman (who speaks Spanish and English) has donated countless hours during the day to registering students - his personal gift to the school.

2) Our three children each sent a contribution (now that makes a mother proud!) - the youngest is 'financially challenged' but shared several books on teaching sign language…one of our new students is deaf!

And believe me, the Miracle List could go on and on and on! Please spread the Word and the word about Holy Cross Anglican School. Plan to visit soon…bring a volunteer group….send school supplies and/or money…pray for us daily!

Many thanks and blessings,

PS: Much more to come…….

Please see links of the San Pedro Sun Ambergris today and San Pedro Daily website Archives to learn more about Holy Cross history.

Loading up the wood for buildings

Bobcat was so handy

Cutting fill

Bringing fill to building site

Break time

Marking off the classrooms

Catching a ride

Sinking posts to bedrock

Francis takes a dip at the mangrove mud spa

Building the roof

First 3 classrooms

September 4th is coming fast


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