Wish List - May 2009

Wish List - Updated May 2, 2009

Copy paper - white and colors
Heat activated laminating sheets - letter size
Back packs
Tennis shoes - Adult sizes 1 through 8
Rolls of clear contact paper
Rolls of clear, wide packing tape
Permanent markers - wide (chisel) tip - all colors
Dry erase board markers
Small prizes for rewards
Arts and craft projects
Bulletin board materials and boarders
Exercise books
Plastic cups - 6 ounces
Plastic plates
Chalk board erasers - 20
Chalk - dustless - white and colors

Larger Items :
Salary for school counselor - estimate $15,000US per year
Salary for school librarian - estimate $15,000US per year
Wheelbarrows - 4
New compact pick up truck, 4 wheel drive
New Polaris 6 wheel drive dump truck bed golf cart
40kw generator with auto switch
Insulation for all the classroom ceilings
Ceiling material for all the buildings
Complete wood working cabinet shop tools
UV water purification system for the school
RO water system for the school
Good quality office chairs for the teachers, computer lab and office.
Security system for all the buildings and grounds
Intercom system for school
Cement mixer

Tool Items:
See January 2009 wish list.


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