A clear message

Central park was full of students teachers and parents who came to show their support against violence within the community. Vernon Wilson gave a speech about why it was so important to  come together on this issue and let everyone know that violence is not acceptable and abuse will not be tolerated. The Wilson's are making an effort to let people know that there are options to get to a safer place and that they are willing to help people who are caught in abusive situations.

After the speech - Holy Cross and San Pedro High school kids marched through the streets of San Pedro sending the message out loud and clear - with anti violence slogans on their signs and the chats of justice for all. They even handed out flyers in spanish and english to let people if they or someone they know is a victim of abuse to contact Francis Wilson for help.

Big turn out

Vernon speaking out against violence

March through town

Boys and girls both learning it is not ok to abuse someone

San Pedro High School kids joined in

Holy Cross girl who was handing out flyers

March through town

Jan Brown and Miss Linda aka wonderwoman


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