Affordable Belize Real Estate Raffle

Yes, only $10 Belize Dollars!!!

Can make you the lucky and proud owner/winner of this 60ft. of main road front by 80ft. deep, commercial and/or residential lot, that is located about 2 miles south of San Pedro Town center. In the New Marina Area.

All government and property tax, plus ALL Title Transfer fees, associated costs and expenses will be pay in full from the proceeds of this fundraiser. And 50% of the balance will be donate to the Holy Cross Anglican School.

Please be noted that if the Lucky winner is from outside of Ambergris Caye, any and all extra expenses will be the responsibility of the winner, including traveling expenses to visit the lot.

We assume that if you are reading this is because you are somehow interested on Belize real estate and want to have the opportunity to become a landowner for only $10 Belize dollars, or at least feel proud of giving back to the community by helping with the development of the Holy Cross Anglican School. Either way, winning the lucky ticket or not, You are a Winner!!! Our Congratulations and Thanks to You!!!

Authorized Tickets Distributors:

-Alex Canalez, DFC Area (right across the San Pedro Boatyard), Ambergris Caye.
-Betsy Store, DFC Area, Ambergris Caye.
-Marina Store, San Telmo Area, Ambergris Caye.
-La Divina Providencia, Escalante Area, Ambergris Caye.

Tickets are also available both online via school website and at Holy Cross Holy Cross School Office.

Please be noted: Unless announced in this and/or the school website(s), no one else is authorized
to sell tickets for this raffle.

The raffle drawing date will be not later than December, 2009, or as soon as all tickets be sold (10,000). While we are very optimistic that the tickets will not last more than 60 days, we are extending the date to make sure that this is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

UPDATE: April 8, 2009. - More Great News! A Friend of the School acquired 512 tickets and entrusted us to give them away in the community, specifically to: single parents, tenants and other needy families at our discretion. Strictly 1 free ticket per person, double entry will automatically disqualify the tickets holder.

We are presently seeking assistance from community activists to distribute these tickets to the most needy.

The Friend of the School said and we quote: I cannot give each one a lot, but at least I give them a fair chance to win one, and most important, I plant a hopeful seed in their minds.

Number of tickets Available: 9,305 as of April 8, pm.

Thanks to Affordable Belize Real Estate for hosting this raffle and providing information and pictures.


Oh' seems I was too late for this post. Wish there is also a raffle for this year. Thanks for sharing.


June 8, 2011 at 5:37 PM  

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