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Info about Holy Cross

Holy Cross opened in September 2006 with 62 students and three teachers. By December we had added a Special Education Center with 12 children and one teacher and an additional classroom with teacher - our student body was approximately 100. At that time we had no administrative personnel - one of the teachers also acted as principal which was very difficult. In the Spring of 2007 we opened another classroom with teacher and student enrolment was 156:

September 2006 3 teachers (Infant I, Infant II, Standard I) 62 students
December 2006 5 teachers (2 Infant I, Infant II, Standard I, Sp Ed) 100 students
Spring 2007 7 teachers (2 Infant I, Infant II, 2 Standard I, Sp Ed) 156 students

In the Fall of 2007, Holy Cross opened with 435 students, 1 administrative principal, 1 administrative vice-principal and 16 teachers.

We have the following classes:
3 Infant I 72 students
3 Infant II 85
2 Standard I 54
2 Standard II 49
1 Standard III 35
1 Standard IV 43
1 Standard V 37
1 Standard VI 24
1 Special Education Center 10 students

Infant I is your Kindergarten
Infant II - 1st grade
Standard I - 2nd grade
Standard II - 3rd
Standard III - 4th
Standard IV - 5th
Standard V - 6th
Standard VI - 7th

Infant I, Infant II and Standard I are considered the Infant Division
Standard II and III are the Middle Division
Standard IV, V and VI are the Upper Division

School is mandatory for all children from Infant I through Standard VI - ages 5 through 14. After a student completes Standard VI they are not required to have any more schooling. If they want to continue onto High School they must pass a standardized test and have the money to pay tuition and fees, buy books, uniforms and school supplies. Average cost of one year of High School is approximately $750US to $1,000US - very expensive for Belizeans.

According to the Ministry of Education for every 4 children who enroll in Infant I, only one of the four will complete primary school. Of 4 children who complete primary school only one will go onto high school. Of the four who enter high school only one will graduate. Of the 4 who graduate only one will go onto to college.

Holy Cross Average Costs:
The Government pays all teachers salaries. Holy Cross pays for the following out of school funds which mostly come from donations:

School Nurse/Counsellor at $175US per week
Office Secretary/Bookkeeper at $200US per week
Kitchen Staff of 4 at $100US each for $400US per week
Security Guard at $120US per week
Construction staff of 4 for a total of $585per week
Purified Water for each classroom and cafeteria use: $175US per week
Transportation for Special Education Students $100US per week
Feeding Program - breakfast/snack/lunch $2,000US per week

Water $450US per MONTH Electricity $650US per month Internet $65US per month Telephone $100US per month

Medical care and medication for students - approximately $200US per month School supplies - most are donated - approximately $200US per month


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