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I would like to share part of an email I recieved today from C who I met recently through our friends at Changes in Latitudes, and brought to the school for a tour.

After walking through San Mateo and spending time with the kids, C asked how she could help from stateside and I told her about a playland that needs fundraising help to get it here for the kids to have a dry place to play close to home - she was very enthusiastic about the idea and is going to start the ball rolling. More to come on that project in the near future.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a tour (by tacogirl Laurie and Shuffles from Changes In Latitude) of the Holy Cross School. While there I deposited a bag of school supplies and some clothing I had brought from the US.

The tour of the school and its grounds overwhelmed me as a huge range of emotions swept over me. I was heart-struck by the physical conditions of San Mato area. I had not mentally prepared myself to enter the thick of the extreme poverty stricken area, nor do I know if any preparation would have eased the intense feelings. Even though friends at home comment on my living simply and modestly I was suddenly plagued with guilt and feelings of selfishness in regards to all I have and own in the states. I knew this one visit would have an impact on me forever and my desire to help multiplied many times over during the course of the tour.

I was so moved by the wonderment of the children. Regardless of the conditions surrounding the school, the overcrowded un air conditioned classrooms, despite the dust and the heat and the mere helplessness I thought they may somewhat be feeling I was just simply marveled by these “happy-smiling” children. Many of them greeted us with an exuberant hello and several gave hugs and kisses. I’ve only once experienced the constant greetings of such jovial spirits and that was while doing an internship as a nursing student in a pediatric cancer ward. What is it that sustains children in such an atmosphere that would literally crush the spirit of many grown adults? Is it the innocence or the true ability to thoroughly appreciate the mere blessings they are privy to? I guess I’ll never know and thus my amazement of the children will always be present.

Now back stateside I am continuing my efforts of helping the children of Holy Cross through attempts at starting some fund raising campaign for a playground project. I will be presenting ideas to the committees of two different churches this week.

To read more about C's remarkable story please visit tacogirlblog

Kids watching their friends play sports - by C

Enjoying photo shoot - by C

Kids love having their picture taken - by C

Smiling faces - by C

The crowd grows as more kids want in on the photo shoot - by C

C peeking out from a crowd of kids


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