Action packed

Maureen and Tracy here on vacation tool time to visit San Mateo area and the school. They brought a big suiutcase full of usefull school supplies. On their tour, Maureen and Tracy got to see learn more about the school and the neighbourhood and enjoyed meeting some of the kids. While there we got to meet a nice group from the states.

Students and faculty from Gainesville State College in Georgia are visiting HC School and participating in a study abroad class entitled "Socio-cultural Perspectives on Diversity," which aims to teach future teachers how to ensure that all students from all backgrounds are respected and educated in a loving environment.

All 20 students are education majors at Gainesville State College. The students are being led by three faculty members, Dr. Carlise Womack Wynne, Dr. Diane Cook, and Mrs. Valley Rogers. The three professors are working in collaboration with the teachers and staff at Holy Cross to allow GSC students to observe in classrooms and offer teacher training seminars for both GSC and Holy Cross participants. Workshops include Developmental Psychology, Active Learning, and Classroom Management. This is the first visit in what will hopefully be a long collaboration between Gainesville and Holy Cross.

Francis and Vernon oriented the students on Sunday evening with a tour of the school and community. The students from Georgia are so fortunate to be allowed to come and learn and work with the faculty and staff at Holy Cross. Students have been able to work in various faculty and staff roles at the school. Holy Cross was a gracious and welcoming host to our volunteers and the experience that GSC students gained while in Belize was priceless. Gainesville State could not have asked for a more practical and beneficial host school.


Training session

Donation from Johnston United methodist Church

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