New Year wish List

Wish list - Revised 1/3/08

Tennis shoes - new or gently worn. Children sizes 7 - 13; Adult sizes 1 - 9

Copy paper – white and colors.

Children’s books - especially featuring children of color, pre-reader to 7th grade

Classroom Wall Clocks

Hand sanitizer – large bottles

Children’s Dictionaries: beginner (grades 1 through 3), intermediate (grades 4 – 6), student (grades 7 and 8)

Resource materials: children’s Bibles, dictionaries, science, health, geography, etcColoring books – especially religious themes…Easter, Christmas, etc.

Two pocket folders

Children’s practice exercise books: k through 7th: math, language arts, science, geography, health

Small items we can use as little prizes

Teacher charts – language, math, science,etc (wonderful things at Teacher Stores!)

Educational toys

Tape - scotch tape, duct tape and brown plastic packaging tapeStickers

Tambourines, drums, simple musical instruments

Face painting materials

Sugarless gum

Bulletin Board Supplies -Spring, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Start of School, Christmas, etc


High speed “industrial strength” copy machine

TONS of land fill - $100US for 7 cubic yards – price has increased by $30US a load.

CD players for classrooms


Computer Printers


Need for school classroom clocks has recently been met. As well as that for a new computer printer for the office.

Computer lab for children is a work in progress.

February 2, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

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