Santa visit's Holy Cross

Santa came to Holy Cross today and delighted the kids with Christmas stockings and presents.

It was quite remarkable to pull this off for 400 kids especially when the load of donated presents did not arrive. Thankfully we had some great contributions from message boarders, lots of elves and a few smart shoppers to help make it all work out.

Thanks goes out to all who helped make this a Christmas to remember for the kids.

The students and staff of Holy Cross Anglican School wish everyone a blessed and joyful Holiday Season!!

To see more pics go to tacogirl’s blog

More news Reef radio held a telethon today to help raise money for much needed roads in San Mateo. A few people came out to the school to make donations to this very important cause.

Tree on school from boat parade

Christmas tree

Emily Denvan and Tyra


BBQ for the older grades

Santa's work shop

People making donations from Reef Radio telethon

Busy elves

Last minute stocking stuffing

Line up to see Santa

Santa's helper

Yay presents

Jaymin and Santa

Popular Santa

More of Santa's elves

Stockings and presents

Cars for the boys

Happy Girl

Look what I got

3 girls

Boy toys


Happy to get a present

Happy to see Santa

Santa's elves

Happy girl

Big smile

Bob and Santa

Present time

Presnts from Santa


Merry Christmas

Older kids like presents too

On Santa's knee

Happy kids

New toys

New Barbie Doll

How cute

Hats made by Dick's Oma

Hand knit hats

Big Car

Boys and toys

Happy boy

Girl showing her bracelet

Girls enjoying presents

Some boys got games


nice to see that the christmas party was held again this year! wish i was there to help out! maybe next year!;)

December 18, 2007 at 6:54 PM  

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