St John's Church mucks in

Filling the playground
This week Holy Cross had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a small team of volunteers from St John's Episcopal Church in Lynchburg Virginia.

This team was a little different from our usual teams - they were one of our youngest groups, made up of a great group of 11 and 12 year olds accompanied by their parents and grandparents. Age didn't stop anyone as young and old alike pitched in to do whatever needed to be done.

The big job this week was continuing to expand the playground. Thanks to All Saints Forth Worth and the Universtiy of Sioux Falls we have a fantastic swing set, but to be fully used, the area must be filled with sand. Local sand diggers dug the sand from the lagoon (cold work this time of year), then our wonderful team spread it where it needed to go - how exciting to see the playground expanding! (We are still looking for donations for sand - do get in touch!)

Helping in Classes
The younger members of the team also spent some time with our Std III classes - much to the delight of the local children. Both American and Belizeans thoroughly enjoyed the interactions, learning a lot from each other. 

We had thought it might be a disruption, but istead the visitors were a great role model to the local kids on how to behave and how to turn out some great work. This was especially evident when the classes were preparing posters for World Aids Day.

Ann Vest, who headed up the team from St John's is a regular visitor to the school. Over the years she has brought out various grandchildren and their friends to spend time with them and also give them a great opportunity to briefly experience life in a different part of the world. What a great idea!

From everyone at Holy Cross, thank you so much for your generosity in time, spirit and donations to the children of Holy Cross.  You have been a blessing to us all.

The team in their favorite place - the tree in the front of the Hotel Del Rio.

Assisting in Ms Williams Std III class


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