Spiritual Fruit Ministries visit Holy Cross

Peter speaking to the senior students about the Jesus movie.

We were thrilled when Peter and Helen Wall from Spiritual Fruit Ministries Belize walked into our office asking to show an incredible video about Jesus. Over two days they showed the video to all of our senior classes. Here is their report. Thank you so much Peter and Helen.

We, Peter and Helen Wall from Spiritual Fruit Ministries Belize, were thrilled to be able to show the DVD "The Story of Jesus for Children" at Holy Cross Anglican School. We were impressed with the support and cooperation we received from Lydia Brown, the Vice Principal Olivia Tasher, the teachers and students of the school. The children were not only very polite but also totally absorbed in the topics of the DVD  - the miracles, parables of Jesus, His birth, death and resurrection.

Students were very receptive, sang songs enthusiastically and many spontaneously prayed the prayer out loud when Benjamin, a child in the movie, asked if children wanted to pray to receive Jesus in their heart and life. Most students made decisions to accept Jesus into their life as Lord and Saviour. When we returned after lunch many children welcomed us in the adjoining play area by swarming around us and hugging.

Lydia Brown, the volunteer coordinator, and the vice principal were especially helpful in organizing things with us and the teachers. After school on Wednesday we spent approximately 20 minutes with all of the teachers in the computer lab showing teachers the website and the lessons and resources available on the website www.spiritualfruitministriesbelize.org.

It was evident the need of many students who appreciated the lunch program and did not leave one drop or speck of food on their plates. Praise God for those who support this initiative.
One of the homes in San Mateo

 Wednesday,  December 8 at 8:30 am we showed the DVD to standard 3 and 4 in the cafeteria. Students were very receptive and again pretty well all accepted the invitation to accept Jesus.
 When Benjamin prayed the prayer children automatically prayed out loud. All invited Jesus into their heart and life wanting to be a better person. During the discussion following the DVD one of the girls stated: "Jesus  has given me a joy in my heart". This little girl and others had amazing smiles on their faces. Others also nodded in agreement. Praise God for his blessings and the love, joy and peace He bestows on us. In the afternoon we presented the DVD to a group of standard 6 students. They too were very receptive.
After school we spent approximately 20 minutes with teachers in the computer lab discussing the teaching resources and activities to follow-up the DVD. Two copies of the DVD were left at the school for teachers to use with the students.
Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to share what Jesus has done for us.
Peter & Helen Wall


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