Happy Valentine's Day

March 11, 2010

Dear Friends of Holy Cross, I know I'm a little behind the calendar but Vernon and I were in the States when the 'Happy Valentine's Day to Holy Cross' bulletin board was put up. (thank you Deacon Jan!) I just took it down and finally had a chance to see what the Standard IV, V and VI classes had to say. Needless to say there were tears in my eyes as I read those little red hearts. I narrowed down the ones I'm sharing even tho I wanted to send them all. Spelling and grammar may occasionally look strange as I copied each card verbatim - smile. The children wrote these Valentines to Holy Cross but you are truly the heart of this school - the real reason these cards could be written. Your love, support and generosity have made Holy Cross the incredibly special place it is. Many thanks and Blessings, Francis

I Love Holy Cross because.....

they are there when we need them. Indira
it is so awesome and they give us food to eat. Nachor
they give you disipline. The teachers try their best to let you learn and you are feeden and you are given medical
care when needed. Most of all I love Holy Cross Anglicans because God sent me their. Isolene
they give me attention. Deson
it's beautiful. Rosit
they give me food. Michael
they always help me when I need help!! thank you. Aviel
they treat me good. Heidy
the teachers have patience for the children. Ashley
it has a computer lab. C.E.
it is realy nice and it is the only place in San Pedro that has a nice principal and an cafitirea. Jose
they give us food and the teachers are nice to the students. Jissel
it is fun.
I have a lot of friends and at my old school I had none. Christian
their kind to us and it is the best school in Belize.
I learn a lot and disiplen.
they are always there for us!! Kendesha
it is a kind hearted and generous school that takes care of its children. Kendice

So Happy Valentine's Day to Holy Cross! May God grant us the patience, love, kindness, perseverance and financial ability to continue being there for the children of San Pedro.

Please send donations to: Holy Cross Anglican School; San Pedro Town; Ambergris Caye, Belize
Support Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro www.holycrossbelize.org


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