A Year in Review

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Photo Courtesy of Cullen Walker and Astrum Helicopters. 

The school has grown a lot and never stops growing just like the kids who go there and get so much out of having somewhere close to home to feel important and safe.

Here are a few random bits and pieces of this school year  of pulled out of emails.

Audiologists.....Two volunteer Audiologists came to the School this past Friday and tested students who had been identified with possible hearing issues.  Several children were fitted with hearing aids, a few had major infections and were sent to the PolyClinic for treatment and one little girl was found to have a perforated ear drum.  Unfortunately, she will have to have surgery to repair the damage.  The next step will be to send her to Belize City for additional evaluation.  Many thanks to Dr. Linda and Dr. Edith!

Computer Teacher....The Ministry of Education finally approved the salary for a designated Computer Teacher!!!!  Starting tomorrow morning, Mr. Shane will be keeping the computer lab filled with students anxious to learn with this incredible new technology.  YIPPEE!!

In all, hundreds of people through out the nation of Belize and the world contributed their time, talents and/or treasure to make this miracle a reality.  The 513 students of Holy Cross will be blessed for years to come by this incredible educational facility!!

I'll also try to mention how the A/C message board fund raising drive provided the funds for the second (ocean) leg of the journey. Thanks go out to Fr. Mal Roberts of Peace Church for all of his assistance in holding the money for us. This started out as a simple idea some time ago, and simple ideas sometimes get more complex as time goes on, but perseverance, flexibility, and the generosity of some fine people have finally gotten this idea ready to roll South. Thanks go out to everyone who has touched this little project. I think there is enough paper to last a year or more, enough hand sanitizer to last 2-3 years, and enough of some of the first aid supplies to last even longer, even for 500 kids and staff.  We are very pleased to see this material on it's way to the school. Thanks again, Ed and Sandy Settle

2 emails in particular that deserved their own post - a dialogue between Father Sam and Mis
s Francis. 

We saw the parade on Friday. It was great to see all the kids get excited and spread the word about recycling. 

Good Morning, Laurie!   Hey if you haven't already started on the blog stuff, I would like to add a little info.   Our daughter is a 3rd grade teacher and she has her class and actually the whole elementary school, making monetary donations for the playground transportation fund.  They are all bringing in pennys one day, nickels another, dimes another, and so on.  The kids even made me a card that she gave me on Mother's day explaining their donations!  I just thought this may add another element to the efforts that are taking place to get this playground and all the donated supplies to the school. Sandy

The students from Georgia are so fortunate to be allowed to come and learn and work with the faculty and staff at Holy Cross.  Students worked in various faculty and staff roles at the school.  Holy Cross was a gracious and welcoming host to our volunteers and the experience that GSC students gained while in Belize was priceless.  Gainesville State could not have asked for a more practical and beneficial host school. 

I will mail out the package tomorrow. Just added a Science book and
Workbook as well. As for the kites, 2 Hello Kitty, 2 Nemo, 1 Toy Story, 1 Spider-man
2 packs of colored construction paper with crayons 1 sidewalk chalk.
Thank you for mentioning the kids speak loud and clear post, I will check it out.
The San Pedro Artists Group has donated 21 paintings and drawings of the children of Holy Cross that will be sold at Sunset Grille on February 14 and all the proceeds will go to the school.


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