Gift giving is in the air - Miss Francis

Dear Friends,  Right now Holy Cross Anglican School is a quiet place without the noisy sounds of our 512 energetic students.  School closed on Friday following a blessed Chapel service and a joyous Christmas party made possible by many generous donations.  A special thank you goes to Art Vaquez from Azusa, CA; the owners of Re/Max Isla Bonita and Mr. Jim who was a terrific Santa!  The happy laughter of students will return on Monday, January 5th, 2009 when school reopens.  In the meantime, teachers and staff will enjoy a much deserved vacation, our children will anxiously await the arrival of Christmas and we'll try to get some much needed work done around the compound! 
We love the Holiday Season here in Belize when gift giving is in the air.  Thanks be to God, many of you have put the children of Holy Cross on your Christmas List.  We appreciate every penny that has been donated and pray many more are on the way!!  Every gift is precious and desperately needed.  I only wish I could share the stories and letters that accompany each one.  Maybe a few examples will brighten your heart and remind us all what true Christmas giving is really about.....
* Several weeks ago a young student from Ambergris Caye Elementary School won a raffle and received a large turkey.  He decided to donate the prize to the Holy Cross Feeding Program but not before he involved his parents, classmates and teacher in his gift giving plans.  Everyone pitched in, the turkey was baked and turned into delicious sandwiches.  The children made and then delivered the sandwiches along with pasta salad to the children of Holy Cross at lunch time.  A big thumbs up to those generous young folks and a special thank you to the Hungry Monkey Sub Shop, Cristal Supermarket and Casa Pan Dulce for helping make this wonderful gift possible! 
* A donation of $250 was sent to Holy Cross by a newly married couple in Ohio.  Their letter explained their decision to give the money to the School instead of using it to buy wedding favors for their guests.  They told their guests about the donation and explained how it would enable the children of Holy Cross to also participate in their wedding celebration!
* Although legend says 'bad' children get rocks in their Christmas stockings, we were delighted to receive tons of large rocks!  A San Pedro businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave the School $2,810BZ  for land fill and suggested that rocks be purchased to provide a breakwater around the School.  It was the businessman's hope that his gift would encourage more folks in the community to share their blessings with Holy Cross.  His generosity has already inspired Mr. Martin Martinez of Martin's Boat Service to reduce his regular price for a boat load of rock and to volunteer his time in positioning the rocks.   In addition developer, Mr. Jeff Pierce, has promised to fill three acres of School property as soon as the rocks are in place!

*Last year a couple from California visited Holy Cross and instantly fell in love with our wonderful students.  They returned to San Pedro this year just in time to help decorate for the Christmas party, serve as Santa's elves and give an incredible donation to the School.  Unbeknownst to us, Kris and Jeff sent a beautiful letter to friends and family explaining the story of Holy Cross and how many disadvantaged children were receiving free breakfast, snack and lunch, dental and medical care, greatly reduced or free tuition, uniforms and school supplies.  They received almost forty checks and lovingly brought them to Holy Cross.  In addition, they personally matched EACH donation.  Those contributions enabled the School to make a significant dent in our Computer Center building debt.  Now we 'only' owe the hardware stores and lumber yard $53,000US!!!!

*And, just yesterday cases of apples and grapes 'appeared' on the School doorstep with instructions to give them to needy families in San Mateo. Three of our teachers gave up part of their vacation to come and decorate Christmas bags and almost 100 families received a delicious treat!  Apples

One gift can certainly inspire others!!  Holy Cross Anglican School is incredibly grateful to EVERYONE who has shared time, talent, treasure and prayers to keep this School thriving and moving forward.  We thank God for the outpouring of His grace and continue to seek His guidance in all we do.  Donations of  land fill, food for the Feeding Program, gently worn tennis shoes, school supplies and cash contributions are always needed and greatly appreciated!!!  Please send your gift to:

                                    Holy Cross Anglican School
                                    San Pedro Town
                                   Ambergris Caye, Belize

We hope that you will share the blessings of this joyful season with the children of Holy Cross Anglican School.  May God richly bless you and those you love in the coming New Year!!


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