New Library

Kids from Ambergris Caye Elementary School came to Holy Cross School make a donation to the feeding program. 

While at the school the kids were enthusiastic about looking around, they wanted to see classes from their grade - Standard 3 and they were interested to see the computer lab and new library as well. 

The kids were very impressed by the computer lab and the new library. They enjoyed looking at the books. In addition to a large selection of kids books, the library has a small section for the parents, literary classics, and educational materials for visiting professionals such as Dentists and Doctors.

A group from St. John's Episcopal Church in Lynch Burg, VA. worked hard to make recycled craft decorations. They used boxes that books came in and some used books that were donated which were in too rough shape to make it in the shelves to make art sculpture in the library.

A big thanks goes out to several folks have made large donations of books including ...   Polly Richards, Texas and Tom Bell, Virginia.  Also the folks from All Saints in Fort Worth, TX and Pi Beta Phi Sorority.

To learn more about the kids donation to Holy Cross feeding program please check out tacogirlblog.

ACES kids

ACES kids

New Library


Books and more Books

Bins of books

Carol from Penguino helping to organize reading materials

Tree sculpture - reuse recycle

Recycled Art Sculpture


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