Humane Education Class‏

Miss Colette delighted the younger kids at Holy Cross today with her Humane Education Class. 

The kids leaned to say "Stop it Please!" when someone is doing something they do not like.

The kids loved interacting with the dog puppet and stuffed dog while learning about being kind to animals. Colette got them talking about how they know when dogs and cats are not happy by the sounds the animal is making - when to leave animals alone. 

They also learned how to properly greet grown ups one on one and how to ask someone if it is ok to pet their dog.

Tomorrow Miss Colette will be back again to teach the older kids about making positive choices in life.

Holy Cross appreciates everyone who takes time out to volunteer there and the kids just love meeting new people and learning from them.


Wow - that is a very big class of children! congratulations on keeping them so intent and focussed, and they look thrilled.

Good luck with the older ones.

November 20, 2008 at 9:29 AM  

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