Volunteering at Holy Cross

Here is a bit of email correspondence from Miss Francis about helping someone volunteer at Holy Cross School.

Hi Ladies, We would love to have Ellie volunteer here at Holy Cross!!! There are so many things she could do - working in the classrooms, helping out in the library, tutoring , arts and crafts programs, music - she could design her own schedule!! Probably the best way for her to get started is to visit the school web site at: www.holycrossbelize.org There is tons of information about the school and the logistics of volunteering. Once she and her folks have read over the material, please have her get in touch and we'll start planning (with God's help!) her blessed adventure!!

In addition, all of the wonderful Holy Cross videos are on now on YouTube - links are below. Please watch them, especially Gigi Harris' video - she is only 9 years old!! And, please share with all your friends. Blessings, francis


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