Dear Francis and Vernon;

Things are coming along beautifully. We have managed to hold a Vitamin Drive, and will have a shipment of vitamins to send down at the end of the month, and a pharmacy that is willing to donate as well! We also have some school supplies coming. The Holy Cross facebook page has now grown to nearly 200 supporters in less than 3 weeks!

In addition to fundraising and collecting donations, Heather and I have found that there may be a market to organize volunteer tours. We have someone that is willing to approach the Universities in Toronto and propose volunteer missions to the school. We are in the process of exploring the feasibility of starting a volunteer tour company from Canada, specifically geared to University and College Students.

Would you be willing to participate in this. Specifically we would need to know, what area of study you would like to have volunteers from ie. Education, Social Work, Environment, Engineering, Dental, Medical or all of the above.

I understand that you require that the group also bring 2500.00 for cost of supplies, and that would be incorporated into the agreement. I have a meeting with the Business Centre, to see how we can get this up and running, and would love it if we could assist Holy Cross at the same time.

Joanne and Heather


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