2/3 of the playground arrives

We  had great response from those passing by and seeing what was being unloaded, Tony and Kate stopped and made the generous offer to send some of their people to help unload after lunch, they are great neighbors. 

Fantastic team work in orchestrating this whole thing, starting with Sandy, Ed and everyone in the states to Reef Village volunteering to donate the delivery charges for delivering the playground equipment and all the other supplies. It was a wonderful show of support to the school and community of San Pedro.

For some items we received more than a 2 year supply. The photo's below of the computer room show the paper supplies we received and the medical supplies which we will be sharing with Dr Daniel, Dr Lerida, Saga as well as other schools. 

We were also blessed with some foam pads for the play ground which we loaned to the BDF and Coast Guard for temp. mattresses for the forces on the island until we need them for the playground which looks like will be a few months away. Holy Cross Anglican School also donated a stove, 6 toilets and a microwave oven to the BDF and Coast Guard  barracks to help their stay on the island be more pleasant.

As always we are a Holistic school looking first at the needs of our children then the needs of their parents and then the needs of the community. We are proud of being a member of the community of San Pedro, and proud to help others in need  in this community.

As my wife Francis always says " The beach of San Pedro was built by God one grain of sand at a time and each grain is as important as the other no matter how large or how small."
We are happy to place a few grains of sand on this beach for Him.

Vernon Wilson

Thanks goes out to our friends stateside who had a hand in making this possible...  Sand and Ed Settle STERIS, Corporation Kathy Janis Lance Rich and Zee Medical Corp. Yellow Freight, Bob Kraemer, Dale Philipp, Nick Barczewski, Josh Boggess, and Johnny Meurer, St. Louis, Mo. Windsor Intermediate School Mrs. Patterson's 3rd grade class at Windsor Elementary, Imperial, Mo. Windsor Elementary School Teachers, Imperial, Mo. AC Message boarders John and Toni Hancock Mike Cochran Greg and Jen Patterson Steve and Sheila Burkett Vanessa Bledsoe and the entire congregation of the Household of Faith Church in Gonzales, Louisiana Kirke White, Norfolk, Virginia Tim Tam, Trevor Samberson, and everyone at "The Word at Work", Amarillo, Tx. Father Mal Roberts, Peace Church, New Burn, North Carolina.

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