Getting ready for new school year

Took Michele and Mary to the school today - we dropped off some donations and had a great visit.

We saw Miss Linda she was busy in the office registering students. Miss Grace Mr Cullen and Miss Kath.

Some kids were there helping do posters to get ready for the new school year.
As we walked around the school there were a few of posters that caught my eye one said...To solve a problem you have to see things with different points of view - boy I wish someone had told me that earlier. The one below is not so much a poster but colorful sayings on the wall to teach the children some very important things.

Good life skills - always helps to be polite and know how to say I'm sorry

Teaching kids the values of respect and being on time

Sign language learning materials

Kids getting ready for new school year

Map of Belize


2 brothers and their sister eating lunch


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