June update - Miss Francis

June 6, 2008

Dear Friends, We are CELEBRATING at Holy Cross Anglican School.........

Yesterday we learned that John Willard of St. Luke's, Durham, NC received approval of a grant request on behalf of Holy Cross. Through his efforts, Holy Cross will receive $22,500US towards the construction of the Computer Lab/School Library - awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we found out that 77% of our Standard VI students passed the mandatory national Primary School Exam - WOW! The national average pass rate is 43%. Our students were the least likely to do so well as many had been out of school for a year or more or had been cast out by other schools. We are rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow you can be past of this glorious adventure through your donation to the Standard VI Scholarship Fund. We want our students to go on to high school but the cost per year is $1,000US per student. Please help!!!!!

Through your efforts, Holy Cross Anglican School has made it to this glorious day. Please help us go forward!!!!Checks can be made payable to: Holy Cross Anglican Schooland sent to:
Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye

Many thanks and blessings, Francis


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