Team Building Workshop

Education is not just for kids; recently Jo Lewis came from Atlanta to San Pedro to teach a two-day team-building workshop to the staff at Holy Cross Anglican School.

Jo’s background:
Transactional analyst
Clinical psychologist
Couples counselling
Corporate coach and trainer
Coaching communication training for fortune 500 companies
Member of the ITAA

Jo’s goals in teaching this workshop were…
Increase abilities within the classroom so the teachers are more effective.
Facilitate teachers get to know themselves and each other building more of a community atmosphere.
Help new teachers transform into their positions.
Teach awareness of body language for both students and teachers.
Develop stronger people skills within the classroom.

Jo started off the workshop with an exercise where everyone paired up and interviewed each other, then they took turns introducing the person they had interviewed. Through watching this, Jo assessed everyone’s interpersonal skills and communication patterns so she could get a sense of what would be most helpful to the group.

I had the opportunity to talk to Jo during the lunch break and she commented “The staff at Holy Cross are a loving caring group and interested to help each other in doing the best they can for the students.”

Jo Lewis

Enjoying the work shop

Big turn out


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