Starting 2009 with clean teeth

At Holy Cross Anglican School thy clearly recognize a link between education and good dental hygiene. Let's face it if your moth is not in a good state that can clearly affect your mood and your ability to concentrate - I am sure anyone who has ever had tooth trouble would agree.

Once again Holy Cross school kids  were thankful for the visiting Dentists Jan. 19th to the 23rd to help them start the new year with good dental health.

Holy Cross Anglican School

Dr. Paul Roggow, his wife Linda, dental assistant daughter Brielle with patient.  The Roggow family are from  Jackson, Minnesota.  Dr. Paul studied  at the school of Dentistry with Dr. Mark Johnson, the founder of the Smile Clinic at Holy Cross Anglican School and the Dental Office located at the Poly Clinic. 

Students waiting for their examination with Linda Roggow

Joan Johnson-Hygienist, assisted by Bonnie Musbach-volunteer, treating a student

Dr. Cima from the Poly clinic, Linda Roggow with patient during a fluoride treatment

Dr. Cima, Joan Johnson and Sharon Carlson-volunteer

Linda Roggow applying a fluoride treatment

Sharon Carlson-volunteer 

Brielle Roggow and happy patients

Sharon Carlson-volunteer with thankful students


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