Poverty - Blog Action Day 2008

Can you imagine life without the bare necessities such as full running water, proper plumbing and in some cases electricity?

What if your yard was continuously soaking wet with unsanitary water and your kids had no where to play?

San Mateo is an area in crisis with over 200 families living there in the above mentioned conditions for 10 years. San Mateo needs major help to turn it into a safe clean place for these people to live. The town Council has pledged 75,000 BZD to help get this project underway - it will take a lot more money and manpower to undo the last 10 years and turn the neighborhood around. If you would like to help raise money for landfill for the people of San Mateo please contact me via email in tacogirlblog profile to find out how you can help.

According to the student demographics records from the school, 117 kids of the 500 attending Holy Cross are from the area of San Mateo attend Holy Cross School - most from Belize and a few are from Guatemala. San Mateo is the reason Holy Cross School opened up to help give a lifeline to these families and offers the kids a safe place to be that is close to home. 

In addition to a high quality education, the school provides these kids with healthy food, dental care and there will soon be a much needed counseling center to deal with domestic issues and a health post to address basic medical needs of the community.    

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Two kids in San Mateo

Welcome home


Yards are all wet

No where to play in the neighborhood 

Not a nice place to live in Rainy season


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