My visit to the Holy Cross

Well, it's been a mere 9 days since I've returned from my retreat to San Pedro. I wish I could say I was settling in but it just isn't the case. The first few days were spent dealing with the culture shock of being back in the states and now dealing with the emotions of being homesick for Ambergris Caye.

I had a conversation with my son the other day and he is trying to understand how I could be 'homesick' while here at home. Needless to say I don't completely understand it myself which in turn makes it difficult to explain.

I am working on staying focused on the fact that I have been truly blessed with my experiences of Belize so far and not get caught up in being greedy and wanting more...... not sure how well this plan is working for me (ha ha).

My visit to the Holy Cross School was heart touching.
Next week I will be attending a quarterly committee meeting at my church and I will be bring some ideas to the table regarding raising monies for the Holy Cross School. I have a couple different ideas and will keep you posted as to how things develop.

Peaceful blessings


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